Which media? for Sarracenia and Dionea?

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Hi Guys,




It has been a while since my last post, but I am now about to repot again. I have mainly Sarracenia and a few VFTs and have used peat free briquettes from ebay i the past. Should I stick to the same thing or is there something better out there!?


Basically, can anyone recommend a media and a recommended place to buy online as I am in Cornwall!



Enjoy the season and thanks a lot guys!





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Guest paul y

I contacted and bought a couple of hundred litres direct from a cp nursery, cant go wrong that way (if its good enough for a pro etc etc)

if it was me I would contact little shop of horrors in devon and arrange a trip there to pick some up also a good way to see/buy some plants as well

regards paul

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I'm originally from Cornwall (St Ives).  I spent 3 months there last spring/summer while my Dad was dying and still ordered plants from people as a bit of therapy for me.  I had to get peat somewhere so phoned up my old haunts.  Good old Chacewater, always reliable.  I wish I could say the same for my local GC here in Ireland. I had to buy a bale of peat yesterday and they looked at me all confused and sold me multipurpose saying it's the same thing.   :wall3: Managed to get some somewhere else in the end.  


Unusually they tried to sell me something call Celtic Gold.  I was thinking of Moorland Gold so did some reading...... Worm Cast. I was clueless but basically it's manure passed through the shitters of worms. Avoid avoid avoid. :moderator:

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