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Wandering around

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Had a bit of a wander around today and took some photos of carnivores, Byblis, Utricularia and Drosera. The walk was cut short by a storm so some of the photos were taken hurriedly.

The most common were U. leptoplectra, their colour making them stand out in the swamp.




Not so common was U. chrysantha



Only one Byblis, that was B. aquatica.

First Drosera is D. indica



Suspect this one is D. burmanii, but don't know for sure. It's very small and there was only the one plant that I saw.

One of the petiolaris Drosera, but don't know which one. Flower stalks can get up to about 450mm. I think these are all the same species.



Another petiolaris Drosera, don't know which one.



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Guest paul y

stunning shots those aus petiolaris are really attractive, unusual architecture and really appealing plants, what would be required to grow these in the uk?

I know of a Danish tc company that are producing these by the thousands yet im unable to establish a trade supply contract as they just don't answer emails, lemmehave dk is the company if anyone has contact with these people let me know

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Nice plants and pictures.

Most i like U. leptoplectra and D. indica, the flower color is really interesting.

Thanks for sharing these pictures.

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Those are awesome!


Agree with the others here, what an amazing bit of terrain you can "wander" into where you live. I can't count the amount of time I have told my wife we need to move to Australia. Tried with several job openings in my industry out there but unfortunately the studios were not able to afford someone like me who would have to relocate AND get a work visa. Someday though, someday! 


Keep us posted next time you "wander" again!


(Heck...I am tempted to organize a funding to get you a GoPro and start joining you on your Wandering through a YouTube channel. :D )

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Thanks for all the comments. I didn't have to go far for these, these are all growing on my place. There's a swamp that I'm trying to keep natural and I'm still finding new CPs in it.

Previously I had a wander around a place about 300 kms away and found quite a lot of CPs. Haven't had time to post the photos yet, but will soon.


Dew on sundew. I suspect this is D. dilatatopetiolaris.


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Thanks for posting these, for those of us diametrically opposed on the other side of the globe it makes all the difference to see plants growing in the wild.

That last photo is a cracking shot!



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Thanks Steve. I could understand these plants being difficult to keep in cultivation. I dug some plants out recently (on my own place, of course). They were is soggy ground and down to a depth of about 20 cms the soil/water was very warm to hot. Ground temperature would get above 50C in the middle of the day. They mainly grow out in the open or amongst sparse grasses. Without the right climate it would be difficult to get the temperature balances right. I have no idea what their tolerances to cold might be.

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