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maybe you know the tuberous sundews part of There was a gallery with about 5 pictures of tuberous sundews. Great!

In the last weeks I started to take pictures of my tuberous drosera and in order to make great pictures I asked some people, who really know how to do. Two of them are Jean-Pierre and Martin. They not only gave valuable tips, they also contributed some pictures, really impressive pictures!

Some of them you will know from differnt threads in different forums, some of them were never published.

At the end there are more than 170 pictures in the gallery and if you are interested in tuberous drosera have a look at them.

Leaf of Drosera auriculata Hartz Mountains (by Jean Pierre)


Drosera lowrie (by Martin)


Drosera fimbriata (by me)


Tuberous sundews gallery Tuberous sundews

If you have some nice pictures of tuberous drosera which are sleeping on your computer or are buried deep in a thread where nobody will see them again and if you want to see them on then pm me.

Who was on the side maybe realized that the loading time is quite long, which is not very surprising with about 170 preview images. The technology and the design of the side is .... well, maybe it can be done better. The site is now over 10 years old and neither Aaron nor I have the time to get so deeply incorporated into the matter that we can form a contemporary side. There were some attempts to create a new page with some already prepared templates, but ... .

Is there anybody with the appropriate knowledge and the desire to help us who will do this for free, just for fun and to contribute something to the community? She or he has just to prepare one page that we can use as a template. It must not be a super duper hightech flashing state of the art webside where professional web designers say "Wow!" (of course it can be). For us the information is the most important thing and we think that growsundews can be better, maybe better accessible by mobile phone, responsive, faster loads, picture gallery etc..

If there is anybody out there who can and will do this please pm me. It would be really great.

Meanwhile enjoy the pictures.

Kind regards


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