Terrarium lighting questions,

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My 45lt Terrascape

The Air plant is not in its position at the moment.

I have Sundews in the front and a Venus flytrap on the RH side plus two very small Sundews.



The light is a 36W T5 unit it is about 40cm above the plants.

My questions are how long should I leave the lights on for.

How do I go about feeding them and what with.

I will be misting mornings only.

All the plants are young and healthy in Peat Moss, I will have Live Tasmanian Sphagnum Moss around all the plants.


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Are those bulbs 6500k? If so, likely they are going to be great, and 40cm above the plants is probably the highest you will want to keep them. Bring them closer if you can, and if your lights aren't hot.

I have my lights on for a 15-hour photoperiod. Really okay with anything 14-16 hours. Artificial lights make longer photo-periods more beneficial.

Feed your plants with any bugs you can get.

Don't know Tasmanian sphagnum moss so hope it isn't bad, probably isn't if it is sphagnum moss.

Mist only if you notice the humidity levels dropping below 60% for long periods of time. In my tanks it is more of a problem keeping the humidity down. So misting is never done.

Looks good, good luck with growing!

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Thank you for your reply sorry for the confusion its a total of 36W

Actually I am not referring to wattage, I am curious what spectrum those lights are.

The 6500K spectrum is where you want to be for growing carnivorous plants.

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