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A mouse ate all my Roridula seedlings

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I'm really angry this week as a mouse has ate all 5 of my Roridula gorgonias seedlings that I nurtured since September. All the growing points are gone so I don't think they'll recover.

Luckily I kept a few seeds in the fridge as an insurance policy. I have a question though. Is it ok to sow them in the Spring? Every article I've read says early Autumn but I don't want to wait that long to try again as I'd wonder how well the seeds will remain viable.

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Hi Richard,

I'm sorry about your seedlings. I sowed mine at the end of the last May (I'm not sure about the date, but I think it was the last May). The seeds were fresh, so I had no problem with germination, they germinated with no GA3 or smoke treatment. In my experience Spring is good time too. If you sow these seeds in the Spring, I think that it won't affect seedlings.

Best regards


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