Vertical Growing Cephalotus


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really cool Carl,you know we all want more info on how you have achieved this ,like have you used a mesh to keep media in place and how do you go about watering,also how long has it been growing,i have a load of small ceph plants from cuttings and would love to do something similar ,anyway thanks for sharing

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I sectioned a rectangular pot, packed it with peat (no aggregate), planted the cephs in it and seeded the surface with moss spores. The idea of the moss is to hold it all together. I water the whole thing using a pressurised sprayer.

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hope you dont mind Carl , dont want to hijack your post,

Had this wall for some time now ,plants are from ex-vitro stock , have grown quite well now and the other wall is starting to grow as well , lack of quality water from a very hot and dry summer with temps exceeding 47c has not helped at all either, been a tough summer on all plants here especial cephs




probably not a pretty as Carl's , but there growing reasonably well under trying conditions

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I don't mind at all John. In fact, I like seeing pics of others growing these plants in such a way.

Hope that you don't mind if i put up my very crude example. Did it mostly as an experiment last year, never expected much, but it has grown quite allot.

After the re-pot


a few months later


not so long ago...



Seriosly thinking in starting to grow all my cephalotus this way!!

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