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I have some terestrial utricularia sp. and it started to put on some flower buds, but they are not opening, why?

It is puting on new buds, but it is not opening not one of them, do they open in same time or what?

It is doing this for a month or more...



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What utrics, some species can take more than a month to open, but some species also produce "false flowers", these form a bud looking component but skip the flower and seed, subulata being an example.

Otherwise they may be aborting due to an enviromental issue, like if I grow bifida in semi-aquatic conditions but the humidity above the water is to low for the infloresence the flowers somtimes abort, but this has only happend a handfull of times for me, and only in the heart of the dry season.

Do you have any pics

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They are a temperate utric (naturally) but are tolerable of tropical conditions and in many countries have feral populations, I know of three sites here in Au they have invaded, one in NSW the others are in capeyork QLD, huge climatic difference, I also believe the NT has some.

They also enjoy occasional flooding, 1cm under water for a few hours, atleast my plants do, but as Stephen said, watch them or they will escape, and once their out they are a mission to be rid of.

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