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Here are some pictures of a local bog I visited through summer. The site only contains drosera rotundifolia from what I could see.

A few shots of the habitat





Now onto the plants







Hope you all enjoyed it

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These are great! Wish I lived close to some CPs in nature. Very jealous. :D

I have seen that a Utricularia or two have been seen in Utah Lake next to me, but when I went out looking for some, a cursory expedition, I couldn't see anything.

Maybe this summer I will get some waders and wander the murky edges looking for some Utric flowers. :)

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Wow three sites even! Okay, well, perhaps a trip to the UK someday wouldn't be complete if I don't convince my wife to either let ME go bog hunting or come with me on a field trip. Would be great to see these plants in person.

Brother-in-law is moving to North Carolina for the military so I have already started planning my Venus Fly Trap in the wild road trip!

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Yeah North Carolina sounds like it could be an amazing trip, I'm going to try and visit a few more sites this coming summer so hopefully plenty more pics! :)

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