Variations in G. hispidula


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Hi all,

at the moment G. hispidula of all three locations I grow are flowering, so here a comparison of flowers of the locations Mkambati, Transvaal, Pretoria (all SAF):



There are significant differences in flower shape, angle between lower lip and spur, spur size/shape and coloration.

By the way the middle flower shows the plants with the "blue" flowers and in the upper foto you should be able to see a shade of blue in the middle of the flower.


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I grow all my Genlisea species in pure peat in a greenhouse with temps above 17 Celsius and shaded with 60% clothing during the summer even if there is no summer like this year.

Tries in the coldhouse with temps down to 6 Celsius were survived by G. violacea (Caraca) and G. hispidula, others I didnot try so far.


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Hey Stefan,

Fantastic pics! I wish more people were willing to sacrifice a few flowers for such a classic picture! What amazing differences in their spurs and lower lips. Look at those lower lobes! And here we have a comparison of plants from only 3 locations and with similar flower colors. Imagine what else is out there? After all, don't forget that this is the most widespread species in Africa and is known to be very variable in flower color.


Fernando Rivadavia

Sao Paulo, Brazil

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