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Utricularia mannii flowering


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My first flower of Utricularia mannii opened this week. I am very happy to share this event with you.



It grows in a square plastic pot in a mixture of dead peat moss, living peat moss and perlite( 40/40/20 ). The whole is placed in a " half- terrarium ", that is to say a large container of extruded polystyrene without glass on the top and on the front parts. I use a plastic bottle to maintain a high humidity around the pant. Since this is an epiphytic plant, substrate is just kept moist.

Concerning lighting, it is quite strong as I have two compact flash bulbs providing 2x125 watt daylight (approximately 20,000 lumens). In fact, it is in the terrarium with subtropical Drosera but the pot is in a corner of the terrarium to prevent overexposure. I have no idea of ​​the level of tolerance to full sun but I do not prefer to experience it for the moment.



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I wanted to share my experience regarding U. mannii cultivation. Most of it will be same as Damien wrote, some will be slightly different.


I grow it in 7 cm high pot. The soil is thick fibred Sphagnum moss with perlite in proportions of around 1:1. On the surface I placed some living, thick fibred Sphagnum moss. Why that one, because it is way slower grower than thing fibred one.


It has constantly around 1-2 cm of water. 100% humidity all the time. No air movement seems not to be any problem in the temperatures it has. They are around 10-15*C during the night and 20-25*C during the day. Very occasionally it has up to 30*C, but it is a few days in a year.


I use fluorescent light 120W (4x 30W) from a distance of around 30 cm. 12-14h a day. More during summer, less during winter and of course the temperatures are also slightly warmer during the summer, but still the most important is the day and night amplitude.


It had a slow start, when it took it around 2,5 month to start growing from a bulb, but when the first "leafs" appeared, it started growing much better. I wonder if it is growing year round or it has a kid of dry season when it goes dormant or something...


Maybe when more flowers will open I will try to self pollinate them.







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Get any seeds? If so, were they viable?

In 5 attempts of self pollination I manages to receive 3 seed bags swelling. I have no idea when they will mature and if there will be any viable seeds, but I hope so.


Does anyone know if this species can be crossed with any other epiphytic species?

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