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want to show you some pics of my Indoor greenhouse in the basement.




Nepenthes side


Heliamphora side



Nepenthes jamban


dark Nepenthes ceciliae clone


lowii upper


Regards from Bavaria


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hi berni im paul from the uk and I have a wealth of experience in indoor grow rooms and artificial lighting, is that 1000 watt total or per lamp? what lamps are you using? are you needing to add extra heat to the room or is that provided by the lights? the only reason I ask is a may be able to help you improve your watt used to par lumen produced ratio cut down on heating costs and improve some other aspects, the plants are stunning by the way, im considering setting up a tent soon for tropical cps, not sure how big yet (ultimately the wifes decision) the amount of different species that can be grown in a tent is endless.

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hi berni, are those lamps independently ballasted? all on separate relays and timers or is it running off of one master control? the reason I ask is I may be able to increase your lumen to watt ratio, also why have you placed the lamps outside the grow room?

250 watt hps are the least efficient wattage 25-30k lumens 600 watt hps produce 90k lumens and are the most efficient, 1000 watt hps produce 150k lumens and would require air cooling.

you could replace all 4 lamps with one bal digital 600w hps pro greenhouse light inside the room saving 400+ watts of electricity per hour whilst seeing less than 10% reduction in par lumen, or you could replace all 4 lamps with 2 bals and double the amount of light you have now for only 200 watts more electricity,

how do you heat the room at night?

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Thats... impressive! (cant find the right word) :-) Both the set up and the plants looks great. How long do you grow your plants like this?

paul y: although the 1000 W lamp would be more efficient, you must consider the light distribution. It is difficult to have equally illuminated such large space from only one bulb, 4 lamps ensure much better distribution. I would personally prefer to mix two MH lamps with two HPS lamps to cover wider part of the spectrum and also the plants would look better (more natural for the eye), but as Berni`s set up works fine, there seems to be no need for a change.

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I could not possibly think of using a 1000 Watt light system !

I work on the cost of electricity being 15p per kilo Watt per hour.

So 1000 Watt lamp on for 15 hours would be 15p x 15 hours = £2.25

7 x £2.25 = £15.75 a week !

£64 a month !

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hence my post re watt to lumen ratios etc, ive helped design and install lighting systems with over 100k watts per hour in electricity use, 1000sq foot areas lit by dozens of 600 watt hps 10k cubic mteres of extraction per minute industrial set ups, nearly any hid lighting set up can be improved and see an increase in light whilst making a saving, £64 a month isn't too bad for a hobby such as this, I spend £30 a month just on dosing chemicals for my sps tank, how much does an adult ticket to a football match cost now?

If anyone is considering hid lighting and want some advice just pm me, i have and still do work as a consultant and design with hid lighting systems at schools, colleges etc

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It's a fair point Paul. My wife was talking to a colleague who is a footy fan and he said tickets for a match were ~£70 so as a hobby I suppose it is a reasonable spend if you have the money to invest in it.

In the past I have tended to rely on fluorescent tubes in terrariums as I'm a cheapskate




Edited 'cos my phone's spell checker got in the way the first time!

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flouros are unbeatable in small spaces, t5 lightwave units are the nuts, ive found in general that most grow rooms if run well with regular propagation and sale of surplus stock to other hobbyists can become self sufficient, I have a friend who uses a tent for rare orchids and it makes him more cash than the tent uses, im almost the same with fragging sps coral, id imagine most cp growers who have open sale days make a decent sum, saffron has an incredible value to weight its always been in the back of my mind! large cacti sell for stupid prices and tents are perfect for forcing the growth of anything,

im going to set up a decent tent set up for cps soon and start running a thread on here somewhere, with the right kit you can perfectly recreate any environment, there is no plant that cant be successfully grown in a tent

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