My Nepenthes Greenhouse (Pics)

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Here's some pictures of my Harbor Freight 6x8 greenhouse filled with Nepenthes... Some pictures are current, but none are too far behind November, 2013.

The greenhouse in November...


Nepenthes vogelii with massive leaf jumps...


Spectabilis x talangensis...


Mess of vines and leaves in the back of the greenhouse two months ago... Since then, they've gotten even more unbearable. Time to take cuttings soon!


Spathulata x ovata opening a pitcher...


Lowii x spectabilis...


Lowii x campanulata...


Ventricosa x dubia...


Bongso 'robusta'...


Less than 1/4 of my Sphagnum collection...


About half of the Sphagnum collection... (I have issues ok)


Some pods that split open and rained seeds for a bit before I harvested 80% of them and sowed them. Hoping to get lots of babies! I probably got upwards of 1000 seeds, the pods were big and the seeds were super tiny...


Tour of my greenhouse focusing on my best-looking Nepenthes this season (from early January 2014)...

Thanks for looking, I'll update this topic with photos as significant progress is made. :D

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Very nice!

Especially Lowii x Spectabilis

There is a big market for Nep seeds!!! :Laie_97:

I made a video of sowing the seeds I harvested. I couldn't sell/trade these because I don't know if they're viable, it's a 4-species hybrid so I'm not sure how it would work out. Might do a giveaway or something on my YouTube when the next pods open up, depending on seed size, quantity and quality.



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I don't usually take pictures, I find video better -- so here's a video I uploaded today that shows my new orchids. I bought a few Paphiopedliums and Phragmipediums (the flowers look like Nepenthes in a way) and I've only had them these past few weeks. One is about to flower and the others may flower this spring! :)

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Good job! Nice Neps jungle!

Thanks! :)

OMG!! love your collection!!! I only have 3 plants. :( But, I hope my Nepenthes Vogelii gets like that in the near future.

Lastly, can anybody tell me how to put photos a post without "Attached Thumbnails"

Have a nice day!!!

PS: Love your videos :banana:

Yeah, it definitely will in the near future. Mine randomly started vining like that. When I go it, it was 3" across. That was Spring of 2012. It's a fast grower once it gets going! :)

Go to

You can upload without an account, or you can make an account and it will save every one of the photos you upload. I've been using it since about 2009 and it is very good. :)

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Corky is right !

Your collection is just awesome. Everything in your perfect GreenHouse looking healthy ! Really good job !

I want to try to produce my own sphagnum, also I wondered if you use a special media in your vats to grow sphagnum, or just put the sphagnum and add some water ? :P

I follow also your progress on terra forum, really good job ! :)


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How do you find your N. ventricosa x dubia grows? I'm considering getting one.

Really fast and easy... Mine is making uppers almost. Not very needy. It often drys out and it is planted in bark (that's how I bought it)... So yeah, definitely get one. Just as easy as other Nepenthes. :)

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sorry for the latte reply, I am VERY bad at pc things!!! Just finding out haw to type commands in minecraft took me to ask a friend!!! PS: make a huge obsidian tower and spawn a 100000000 gasts and try to survive!!! diamond armor lasts 20 min.!!! Make a video of it....... LOL My Nepethes Vogelii I putting some size on. It I randomly producing a leaf 1/3the size of the last one!!!

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A nice collection of well grown plants :thumbsup:

But, are you sure you have the right name with this plant?

I don't see any evidence of talangensis in it.

Yes, I'm sure. Those are upper pitchers, and it looks very much like talangensis in the shaping of the pitcher. It's spectabilis x talangensis, and I think talangensis is pretty recessive in most hybrids. At least the ones I've seen.

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Like N. albomarginata, N. spectabilis seems to dominate it's hybrids.

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