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Growing Medium for Drosera - can only get coir peat moss or dried sphagnum moss?

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Ok, so I've recently bought some Drosera Capensis plants, and I'm trying to find an appropriate growing media for them.

I started off my buying some Killarney Peat Moss:


The plan was to mix this 1:1 with some coarse river sand that I'd also bought.

However, then I found out the Killarney Peat Moss was a mix of coir (coconut fibre) and sphagnum peat - and apparently the coir is bad for CP's, due to the dissolved salts.

I also tried getting Debco Peat Moss:

However, apparently this also contains coir, although it's not stated on the packet.

I also got some Debco Sphagnum Moss:


which appears to just be dried out sphagnum moss. Apparently it's next to impossible to get live sphagnum moss here in Sydney (Australia).

So I guess with the two peat moss products I have - my only option if I want to use them seems to be to use a lot of distilled water, and rinse them repeatedly to get rid of the dissolve salts, right?

Or can I use the dried out sphagnum moss somehow in some kind of mix? I also have the river sand, and some perlite - is there some ratio of them that will work well for growing?

Apparently it's sometimes also possible to grow/rejuvenate live sphagnum moss from the dried out stuff - not sure how to do that though, and I'm guessing it will take a long, long time?

Last resort - I *think* the plants seem to have some sphagnum moss growing on top - I can't be sure, and I'm not any expert - it may just be some algae/weed? But if it is, is there some way I can take that, and cultivate it quickly? Is there some combination of moisture/temperature that will cause it to grow like crazy? =)



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