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Fungus *shudder*


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Well it looks like I have an outbreak of fungus. The northern sun is a little low in the sky so light levels have been poor. It also means the windows have been shut for some time as my girlfriend finds even the slightest draft "Freezing!" As such my little D. capensis seedlings have little dew and if a springtail gets caught it is rotting faster than the plant can eat it.

The fungus is cotton wool like bright white and sending out mycelium that bloom now and again on the surface of the sphagnum moss. I can see one leaf that it is on has withered somewhat but on others it looks like it is having no effect.

Is this fungus going to wipe out my seedlings or will it die out?

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Low light and stuffy conditions are conducive to fungal growth, so it is not going to die out if it is kept in such conditions.

As I thought... Was hoping that after the springtail ran out the fungus would exhaust itself.

The way the weather as been lately why don't you put the pot outside on warn days only this should help more than anything else .

Looks like this could be the best bet... just have to hope for some warm days.

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