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H. minor var. pilosa question


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H. minor var. pilosa question....

Mine is still very small, recovery has been a long road back.

I now have several mature pitchers about an inch and half tall. Color and shape are good, but none are showing any hirsute tendencies yet.... starting to worry.

I know in the official description it mentions the hair is only found on the upper 2/3rd of the pitcher (iirc, I would need to verify that statement so don't quote me)

So wondering if the lack of hair at this early stage is normal or if I do have an issue with my plant or my conditions.

Would like hear from those that have experience with this species.

thanks in advance


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It is normal. I have 2 minor var. pilosas that are still very small (one is about 3 cm high, and the other about 5-6 cm) and they both have ho hair. Anyway, one plant is a division of an adult motherplant, which is VERY hairy. So it's all just a matter of time ;)

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