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Really guys, how fast do you all read books?  I'm still working on several Red Fern books from the last go around...


Redfern books used to have a lot of errors, but lately they have far fewer errors.  The Engish is so much better too.  Takes time and work to make it happen right.

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Fred-Absolutely, the costs associated with producing these kinds of publications are huge and a degree or pre-orders will help offset that expense. It's especially important as we're not dealing with

A sucessful business always puts its customers first regardless. Redfern clearly isnt doing this. No excuses, customers are not interested in excuses. If you paid upfront for a fridge or a car or a b

There is always the other option. If people don't put money up front ( pre-order) the books may not get published at all.

Guest GazCez

Has anyone received their books yet? I got a general (not personal) email on the 14th June stating that the books were being despatched.


Still no sign yet though and the website states 'in stock'.


I ordered them for the other half in November 2013. The alternative gifts (in my desperation) included a 'crash for cash' camera and a digital weather station. I was desperate............


Any ideas as to when I will receive the books would be nice as the email left me elated but now I'm sad again.

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mine were ordered direct from redferns distributors,, and they are due for delivery today. I also placed the order back in november 2013, a 7 month wait. Looking forward to finally getting my hands on them :)

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Yay...mine have arrived. Unfortunately Volume one has some significant damage to page 210 so waiting for a replacement to arrive tomorrow. other than that, very nice books. Happy chap now :)

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Mine have gone back to the depot because the courier couldn't find our house! :(

Ahh noooo, not good.


My replacement copy of the damaged volume one has arrived. Well done

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Mine are here!!!


Opened just the first and it's quite clear it was worth the wait.


Well done to Allen and all involved.


Nigel HC

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