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Auction 413 - Drosera burkeana Seed - From Angola - Wild Collected Seed

Andy Collins

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This auction is for The Meadowview Conservation Fund

Auction 413 - Drosera burkeana Seed - donated by rosolis76

We have 3 packets each with 30 seed. Drosera burkeana collected on agricultural land in Angola in August 2012. The viability is still good as germination occurs after only 2-3 weeks.

Drosera burkeana in-situ during the dry season:


Young Drosera burkeana cultivated:


The 3 highest bids win a packet each.

Please post your bids here..

Auction will end 28th November 2013 @ GMT 20:00 hours. The last 3 posts with the highest bids with the time showing GMT 20:00 hours will be the winners.

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