How to get rid of mold once it's there?

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Hi everyone,

I received some plants that have mold on them :verymad:. I have the feeling it is spreading slowly (thanks God!!)

How should I take care of it (= exterminate :moderator:)

I know that I should ensure there is enough ventilation, but I'd like to know about a treatment that would not be bad for my Nepenthes, Lecanopteris and Heliamphora that are in the terrarium.

Hope you can help!

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Thanks for the answers!

I'll check carefully tomorrow morning with some good light if there are any hidden insects.

@Dicon: I have this on the leaves as well, does it fit with the "sooty mould" you're thinking about"?

Any tip about what I should use to wash it off? Just water? I was thinking about the soap ("savon noir" = "black soap" in French, I'm not sure about the English name) dilution that can be used to treat plants attacked by scales.

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Just water will do, Stephen has made a good point though, it is often the first sign that scale is there, if so it will be above the soot as the honeydew from the scale falls to the leaves below the infestation.

I would use a sprayer with water and a light rub with your fingers will remove most of the soot

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