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Repotting (When to)


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I am now giddy with anticipation, going from other plants my little D. capensis are past something of a danger point having at least two adult leaves each.

My question is what is the best size to replant seedlings into their own pots so they can grow into great behemoths of seed setting plants?

Also what is the best way to handle Drosera as covered in sticky mucus? Other plants I would hold by the leaf as leaf damage is better than root or crushing a stem.

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Generally capensis are sturdy and tenacious plants, so if you intend to keep then growing through winter and can give them good conditions then you can repot at any time without too much detrement, but if you are letting them slow down through the winter, I would wait till spring.

As far as transplanting goes, I tend to transplant when they are very small, I get the new pots ready, dig a hole in the centre of the medium, then I dig out the seedlings individually or 'en masse' with a spoon (dig deep and wide to get all the root), drop them into the hole and water, no mess to cope with. If they are bigger than small seedlings you can use forceps to hold them.



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capensis are pretty bomb proof as Steve says.

Mine come back each spring from the roots or seed all over the greenhouse,which freezes solid.

On repotting, go with what Steve says and go with nature,do it in spring.

Your plants will grow a lot faster if you can feed them tiny compost flies or midges.


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I have no heat or lighting on them so I'm guessing they will slow down a bit as the house gets a little cooler. I'll give them until spring and then move the to their own pots.

I dig out the seedlings individually or 'en masse' with a spoon (dig deep and wide to get all the root)

Thanks for that tip I was unsure on the extent of the root system, on looking about it looks like a nest of long threads so I'll have to make sure I get them out without much damage.

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