Cephalotus Munich giant

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Well, I ask for my friend eriomix ( Erio) from Italy and he search and want to have so called Cephalotus Munich giant. So, if someone has such plant to PM eriomix ( Erio)


However, from one side this burn my curiosity and I want to ask the people who may have it and know something about that plant because I have never seen someone to sell or swap Munich giant, even pics don't exist of such plant from different growers . There are only 3 pics around the net and one of them is above. However, I want to ask the people who may have it what is so special about this plant? From where it comes? Does it mean that this plant is just the next Giant and so on... Any info is much appreciate it.


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Got some info for u Erio from a german friend.

The story is this - " A guy from Germany in 1980 had Cephalotus True Giant with pitchers 8cm but he had to go for some times out of Germany and he left his plant in Munich botanic garden they to grow it until he gets back. When the guy returned the plant was not there, disappeared...

So the people guess that so called Cephalotus Munich giant is cross between Cephalotus true german giant and other Cephalotus - probably typical but these are only guesses. Nobody knows the real story...

Here is other pics from the german forum -



Hope that helps.

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