Leds Apollo 4

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for highland nepenthes are too much, for these plants are sufficient 9000-10000 lux.

A lamp that exceeds 10,000 lux may burn your nepenthes, I suggest you buy a lamp where you can adjust the light output.

It is also not very correct measure in lux led blue and red, the lux is recommended for white LEDs.



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Yes, you can put it to 1.5 meters,

RE: Valcarnivores

but then you need to cover all the surface with a consumption of 130 watts?

It is better to opt for a different lamp?

If you write the area you want to illuminate I can tell you how many watts are needed.


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Good evening, thank you for your answers. I was told that this Leds her(it) is more made for the production of Cannabis..

I already have turbo neon, but nepenthes be lacking colors, I want to put an economic bulb ( CFL), but I do not know which one to take(set)? One 125 watts or 200watts light plasma? Besides my turbo neon 2x55watts has 1m of top, me cannot do better level height.

Thank you

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salut, turboneon?

moi, j'essaie aussi, avec des tubes T8 "néon" mais qui contiennent des leds rouges et bleus. Tu en trouves dans le commerce en ligne, sur e... notamment. J'en ai trouvé de 60, 90 et 120 cm. Les Chinois et HKong ont le plus grand choix. Ethiquement... à toi de voir. Dans mon cas, je ne suis pas au clair pour les distances, mais viens de demander en privé à qqn pour mes conditions.

Bonne chance,


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