autumn's colouring the leaves - Some Pinguicula-Pictures

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Hi guys,

just a few pics taken yesterday wink.png

P. jaumavensis


My most beautifull P. reticulata-clone:


The pot is just a little to small icon_laugh.gif P. gracilis:


the same for P. cv. Crystal.


P. emarginata from Zacapoaxtla


P. colimensis just green, but the petiolated glands are great.


The darkest red plant I have at the moment P. potosiensis "all red plants".


P. debbertiana,


Another P. jaumavensis-clone


Hopefully with nice flowers soon P. ehlersiae {Ixmiquilpan, Mex.}


And some flowers:

P. hirtiflora {Interlaken}


P. zecheriIMG_5702_zps8f8c5ff6.jpg

Last but not least P. pumila


Hope you like them ;)

Cheers Marcus

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Thank you guys ;)

Very nice indeed. Do you have a photo of the entire colimensis plant?

I'll do my best to take a picture on Sunday when I'm at home again.

Interesting to see that P. hirtiflora is in culture. It looks like some turkish strains.

Hi Aymeric, yes this is also my opinion. I had to do some research about the location when I got it, cause I had not heard about it yet ;)

Cheers Marcus

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