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A simple question from a relative newbee.

I have just germinated 10 B52 seeds which I received from the CPS seed bank.

Will these seeds "grow up" to be B52s?

Should the be labelled as B52s or maybe B52 x B52?

Do I need to buy a clone to get a real B52?

Will some of them be B52s and some typical?

Ok, so more than one question!

Thanks in advance.

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No, the seeds will all be genetically different from their B52 parent, and genetically different from each other. Each seedling will be genetically unique.

Yes, you need to obtain a clone or a division from a B52 to have a B52 (or any other named Venus Flytrap clone).

None of the seedlings will be B52, and all of them will be "typicals." However, one or more of those "typicals" might mature into a plant that seems special in some way, and at that point you could name it and propagate it by divisions and/or cloning for further distribution under the name you give it.


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Thanks FlyTrapRanch. That was what I had guessed from another discussion here about Cephalotus but just wanted to confirm. Didn't realize that when I ordered the seeds! Will have to wait and see what develops.

Thanks again,


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Just one thing. What is the point in offering seeds from say a B52 if the resulting plants are typicals? Is there a greater likelihood of something different from such seeds than from typical VFT seeds?

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