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From what I understand, there are only two verified specimens of S. psittacina var. okefenokeensis f. luteoviridis: one from Gulf Co, FL and the other from Baldwin Co, AL. It has been reported that the site where the plant from Gulf Co, FL came from has been destroyed, but luckily, John Hummer had the foresight to preserve a division.

Fast-forward a few decades later, I've grown out some seedlings from John Hummer's original clone, which was used to describe the variety, and here they are! Unlike the regular S. psittacina var. psittacina f. viridescens clone that I have, which is painfully slow to grow, these are actually quite vigorous and fast growing. This plant is beyond rare...finding an AF psittacina is pretty hard, but finding the giant, antho-free plant is beyond impossible, until now:

Photos taken 10/7/13:




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Psittacina's are greedy for cp's,they do well on a good dose of osmocote.

The wewahitchka plant (AF PLANT)does divide readily but will grow larger with Osmocote,the Baldwin Co AF plant is slower.

My Sandy creek rd AF giant is still only small but will get some fertilizer next spring.


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