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It was our last day on the trip, and everyone was completely tired of being dragged out into the fields to look at Sarracenias in the blazing sun and 100% humidity. After all, how many days in a row can you sweat from head to toe and not feel it take a toll on your body? In retrospect, we chose one of the best and worst times to visit the South: Best because the leucos/alatas were in their prime, and worst because it was hurricane season (took a gamble on that one, I hear a pretty bad storm is suppose to hit in the next day or two) and the heat/humidity was beyond hostile. You can definitely die in that weather without proper precautions!

Anyhow, it's late afternoon, and we just checked into the hotel. Who wants to go hunting for Sarracenias? I got two long faces with the expression, "are you Effin kidding me?" Politely, Damon and Axel said they're going for a swim and hanging out at the hotel, so I told them I was going to be back in an hour.

I think they also thought there wasn't much of a chance that we'd find plants...not after driving in the forest for 3 hours or so and finding two dinky little plants barely worth mentioning. What are the chances we'd find one here "in the city?"

Turns out, chances were very high! Within a 4 minute drive, I found S. alatas, and they were absolutely stunning! Not some boring, green only alatas that are a dime a dozen, but a bunch of color forms, and even a veinless one! Enough story telling, on with the show!

Photos were taken 9/13/13 in Harrison Co, MS:

The veinless plant. AFter speaking with a fellow CP expert, this may be a significant find, as I hear there has only been one other location where a veinless alata was found:




Hats off to this clone:


Another shot:


One last shot of this beautiful plant:


Slightly fuzzy picture, but check out that color!


some interesting orange/coppery colored plants too:



Some habitat shots:



nice red plants:


diversity was really high at this site:


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neat lid:




Do you see anything odd with this picture?


Who is looking at who in this photo? Do you see the set of eyes and antennae?


Can't hide from me, I see you!


Some more nice colors:


same clone:


One last shot:


And a beautiful red plant to end the show:


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Hi Mike

I've been really enjoying your many fantastic posts of these plants in the wild, thanks for taking the time to post so many great photos.

All the best,


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You guys are very welcome! It's always fun to share the experience with others, and connect with fellow enthusiasts who appreciate these plants on the same level.

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