Some new Dionaea clones

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Couple of them look good, certainly better than some of those named in the CPN in recent times, which frankly would struggle to bring anything of merit to the compost heap.

Nigel HC

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They certainly look good, but I'm just curious as to how some of these clones close properly. One of or two of the pictures, the teeth are pointing so far inwards that they look like they are almost pointing into the trap itself. Does this not effect how well the trap closes and forms the air-tight seal around its prey? :)

p.s. Nice avatar Carnicarni ;)

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Hi guys,


sorry for my absence, i was very busy the last months, and sadly no time for forums... :-(


But i have good news for you, i decided the names for my new clones! 


These are: 


Unnamed 1 --> GJ Montecore

Unnamed 2 --> GJ Maratchi

Unnamed 3 --> GJ Equobia


So what do you think about these names? Do you like them?


I also made a GJ (--> Green Jaws) in front of every clone, coming from my selection, so you can easily see my own clones.


Best regards



PS: When i was repotting my plants, i´ve found some other interesting looking seedlings ;-) Will post some pics, soon.

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thanks for your nice comments.


Nice plants Mathias, but I am also very impressed with the crispness of the focusing in those photos :)


What do you mean with crispness? The soil?

It´s a mix of around 80% perlite and peat and sand. Want do do some experiments with it and hope to save some peat and better growing for the plants :-)

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