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Companion Plants for Lowland Terrarium

Mark Long

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Hi there

I'm in the process of building a large(ish) terrarium for some lowland nepenthes and was wondering if people had some suggestions of other plants that I could put in there with them. This is partly to add a bit of colour and variety and also because most of our lowlanders are pitifully small, so would be good fill the space up a bit until the neps are big enough to do that themselves.

Other carnivorous plants would be great of course, would Drosera adelae do ok in the higher temperatures as long as humidity is high? Any other carnivores?



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how about petiolaris dews,they like it warm and humid ,oh and look amazing,never grown any myself too tight fisted to pay for heating,also AW has a lowland heli,

Ah, hadn't thought about petiolaris drosera, thanks for that! If anyone has any spares I'd be interested in hearing some offers. I did see H. ciliata on AW's site, will definitely consider it but may be beyond our budget at the moment.

Thanks again

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