problem with tentaculata


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hi, I have got a problem with my tentaculata, it's arrived two month ago, has done two bad leafs and has dried the tip of apex.

the plant had two grows points one is rotted and I have cutted.

I not understand why the plant doesn't grow.




In my terrarium have:

80% of humidity

14 hours of light

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was it re potted at all , and nep's, can do unusual things when it has a change of environment , all so check you TDS in your water ? PH of the mix , it may just be sulking too , it happens here as well when I get plants from sub tropical to temperate , they often go back ward for a few months till they adapt . but do the checks first just in case

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thank you for reply, I use rainwater for all my collection (I live countryside) and I use a mix of acid peat 30% (pH 3-3,5), bark 40% and 30% perlite.

so I wait some month because the plant will adapting, right?

but is normal sometime the tip of apex dryes?

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normal mite be stretching it, its not uncommon for a nep to be stressed in transport to another growing area . as far as growth dying off, I am not or would not be happy about that at all , for me here in AU I would be putting in a very sunny spot for recovery, all the plants I see in the wild that grow best are in very open sunny positions , so I just follow what is see in Nature or wild .

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thank you, unfortunately the plant begin to dry more leafs , I give water all days because there is not saucer, I will try to increase the humidity.

I thought that plant was more easy but it is hard (maybe is the clone more delicate)

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