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Would it be successful to have bog garden with winter annual shade?


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I have a south facing garden that will receive 7-8 hours ( about 09:00 ~ 17:00 ) of direct sun during the growing season. But a building sitting in front of my house will create shade during the coldest months ( can get as low as -17c at night, with day temperature stays below freezing sometimes ) in winter.

Wind is often not a problem as the strongest winds are from the north, and my house will create good protection.

I have read Carl Mazur's blog (zone6b.wordpress.com), and planning to build something similar.

I would mulch my bog with pine needles, but worried about been frozen solid for weeks because of the annual shade.

I'm planning to grow all the temperate Drosera, Sarracenia and of course, VFTs.

I was wondering if anyone has similar growing condition and would love to hear any suggestions.

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All pitcher plants and flytraps survived. I relocate and rebuild the bog recently, since there are too many pigeon droppings in my original place.

Photos of flytraps below are taken before I rebuild the bog:





Here's the new bog, gonna make it look better when I have time:


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