Huernia flowers this season

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As the succulent season comes to an end I thought I'd post a round up of this summers Huernias which flowered for me. While the Huernias were great most of my Stapelia buds aborted with one last one which seems might actually open soon.

Thanks for looking.

Huernia keniensis


Huernia macrocarpa


Huernia pillansii


Huernia quinta


Huenia zebrina


...and last but not least Huernia zebrina magniflora


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There seems to be a common interest linking CPs and succulents.... Great looking plants!

Thanks Stephen, yes there does seem to be quite a bit of overlap from CP's to succulents. Being also a member on the British Cactus & Succulent Society forum I'd have to say the overlap over there is less noticeable.

just stunning gaz,i looked to get some but had no luck,do you mind revealing were you got these ,i was lucky and gardenofeaden kindly gave me a h. zebrina magniflora that seems to of rooted,but seeing your pics makes me want more

Well corky, I let you into a secret...those H. zebrina and H. z. var magniflora plants also came from gardenofeden, smashing plants they are too. The H. quinta, H. macrocarpa, H. keniensis came from a Tony Irons who sells on ebay although I bought them from him at the Manchester Cactus Market earlier in the year, he has a non-trading website (, you can send a wants list though). His next event is at the Botanical Gardens, Edgbaston on 6th Oct, not a million miles from you I guess. I was given the H. pillansii at a Cactus Society meeting.

Other options for you would be here in the UK, I've bought plants (although not Ascleps) from them both online and at a market in Spalding.

There are some German online shops (search for kakteen haag, kakteen plapp etc, Kakteen is German for cactus, I haven't bought from them yet but they're supposed to be reputable). Our European friends will be able to advise better.

Another option for you would be to join the British Cactus & Succulent Society (BCSS) and the sign on at their forum (, then you can post any wants (forum is free but I think you have to be a member of BCSS to get to the Wants and Sales bit). If you joined BCSS you'd also be able to go to monthly meetings in your area where there are often plants for sale (mostly cacti admittedly) and get to know about upcoming events like markets. It's worth a try although there is an annual subscription of around £20 or so.

Of course you can also try your luck with a post for wants here on CPUK but I guess you might have more luck at BCSS.

Good luck.

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