U. nephrophylla x U. reniformis


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Took some pics to try to get the color right - still not there but closer than others I've taken. It is very difficult for me to capture the subtle light blue .....

U. nephrophylla x U. reniformis - 1st of my seedlings to flower (& nowhere near the largest)


The mother ....


The father ...


For comparison, here's a previously-posted pic of U. nephrophylla x U. nelumbifolia


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What does the plant look like?
Several seeds from this cross have germinated. Many of the leaves look similar to the reniformis parent. However, there is a significant variety in the leaf shapes. Here is a collage of leaves from one of the plants:


Most of the seedlings only have one or two leaves at a time. However, one of them has much more vigor (& is also the plant with the many different leaf shapes). As the others flower, I will share more pics.

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