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Helis finally re - potted for spring


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Amazing collection you got there, snapperhead51! As I'm Heliamphora lover I totally envy you :)

Hi Ptaah

I know how very fond of heli's you are from your posts . I too very much like to grow them , there not at the best now , more sun will help with that now , because here in AU getting new species and seed is so very difficult because of import restrictions, , I have turned to hybridization more out of frustration of no acquisitions of new plants available . ., , with the help of T/C hope to get many more out from my several I have now , weather they turn out any good ! well have to wait and see, another 12 months should so signs of some characteristics I hope.

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I can imagine how difficult it was to complete such collection in Australia, that's another reason for me to be impressed. As there are not many Heliamphora hybrids around I do wish you succeed in making new beautiful hybrids. I keep my fingers crossed and looking forward to hear from you in the future. Good luck!

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just thought you may be interested , just harvested a new hybrid pod of heli seed, H. heterodoxa x ionasii x minor x heterodoxa , a bit more complex than i like but see what comes of it

this is number 2 pod , the rest on this spike are x self pollinated


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Carl its very rewarding, but painfully slow, seems not many people are producing heli seed around the world, ,splits have been more popular .

found the seed in T/C much quicker, can grow a plant from seed to pitcher 6 to 7 cm in approx one year , , so quite advantages, , just De-flasking is a bit hard at times .

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Finally got round to re- potting most of my helis now spring has just arrived, still more to go but no room left again , see a sale happening very soon . thought it was looking good enough even with no good new growth for a few shots

Wow - very nice collection!

All the best


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