exotic and rare mushroom:have you ever seen

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Hi,everyone from CPUK,

In my way from classroom to Lab today,I found a kind of intresting mushroom under the bamboo shade.As I'm very intrested in edible fungy I know that it is a very valueble mushroom,which in chinese is called"zhu yan wo",literally means "bamboo birds' nest".

But what confused me is that I can never find it's scientific name in many databases,both in chinese and in english,naturally it's impossible to download researching thesis of this fungus(actually I'm wondering wheather it is one of undiscovered new spices).

So I post these pics,hoping that some of you experienced ones who don't live in asia,have ever seen this mushroom in your regions(America, europe,Australia or africa) before and konw what is on earth its true name.Thanks a lot!

This is the gelidium-like mushroom collected in University ChongQing.



Growes on falled,half rotted bamboo leaves



P.S if you search in google with chinese keyword "็ซน็‡•็ชโ€œ there will be some results and pictures,but these are far less useful for that they concern only on "how to eat and where they grow".

This is a picture search result:


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