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Spring macro photos of CP's

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Hi guys

I live in Australia and things are just getting started here.

After many years using a compact camera I recently upgraded to an SLR and a 150mm f2.8 Sigma macro lens.

Since it was a nice sunny day and numerous plants were flowering and looking good I decided to test out the new lens and was very happy with the results.

Especially as all of the images were taken hand held without the use of a tripod or flash.

I hope you enjoy the photos.




D. pauciflora


D. pauciflora


D. pauciflora, this form that I grow has 5-6cm flowers that only last approximately 3-6 hours for 1day! And is usually incredibly difficult to photograph unless it flowers on the weekend, but worth it when you do get to see the spectacle.


S. flava var atropuprea 2 year old seedling with new spring pitchers.


D. playpoda


A rare anthocyanin free form of D. purpurescens


D. macrantha "Swamp form"


U. reniformis


U. dichotoma "Lowland form - Grampians"


U. lateriflora


S. psittacina var okeefenokeensis with a jumping spider


Close up front view of the jumping spider


Close up side view of the jumping spider.

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After seeing these beautiful images i conclude that I still have a lot to improve the macro shots, at least i have someone to inspire me.

Best regards,


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WOW, great pictures!

Thanks for taking the time to share them.

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