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Well just look what a repot can do.


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I acquired these little chaps a few years ago. They flowered for a couple of years then 'disappeared'. Some weeds came up but as I pulled the first one I noticed a small tuber on the end (ooooops).Left to their own devices they continued to send up the weed type growth. This spring I decided to repot and the results aren't too bad.

Pterostylis coccinea


There should also be a few Pterostylis obtusa mixed in with these, fingers crossed.

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Where did you get yours from Fred? I've never been really into orchids before but I do rather like the look of some of these Pterostylis species

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I think the first ones, including this one, came from Rare Plants when he was selling off at the end of the season. Others I've picked up on eBay when the price was reasonable.

There is an offer (BIN) of Pterostylis curta on eBay at present however at that price I'd expect 5 not 1. Having said that, that 1 could possibly be 5 by next summer.

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Unfortunately rare plants are no longer selling the as this is where I gained several varieties. The odd nursery stock a couple but they are hard to come by and as they are protected you cannot just buy them in from Australia with import permits.

Some varieties I have are slow at reproducing but they are getting there!

My plants are now in full growth so cannot disturb them until they die down again in early summer.

I am always looking for any ones I do not have and up for swapping next year!

It's a shame you cannot get these too easily as rare plants gave them up as no one bought them yet everyone who sees them loves them :0)

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