Drosera and Pinguicula in Ticino, Switzerland


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In mid of August we made a trip to the Maggia valley close to Ascona. As we could not decide where to stop, we drove to the end of the valley and arrived at an artificial lake at about 1500m a.s.l..There we found the road continuing a lot further. After some more driving we arrived at a beautiful mountain lake at 2050 m a.s.l.. Some divers there told us, that this small lake is up to 40 m deep.

comp IMG 5585

comp IMG 5669

On the south facing shore, we found some Pinguicula growing between the grass. As I am not an Pinguicula expert, I would be happy if someone could ID them.

comp IMG 5645

comp IMG 5638

Beside the Pinguicula there were a lot of other non carnivorous plants, which attracted our attention.

comp IMG 5637

comp IMG 5666

And a young frog icon_smile.gif

comp IMG 5685

A few meters off the lake we found some Pinguicula, which were still in flower. It seems that they were flooded and cooled by a small mountain brook, which was larger before.

comp IMG 5715

On the way down again we found a wonderful population of Drosera rotundifolia and Pinguicula growing beside a small waterfall. The wall, on which the plants were growing, was on one side of the small street. I spotted them by just driving by due to the intense red and light green colors of the plants.

comp IMG 5908

comp IMG 5882

comp IMG 5860

comp IMG 5841

More pictures of this trip can be found on my webpage michaelscarnivores.com.

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