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Some macro photos

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Hi All

Hopefully you like it, some of my plants in macro :Laie_97:

Drosera prolifera


Drosera prolifera por Pinguicula_RR, en Flickr

Pigmy Drosera


Green_SalvadorG-4 por Pinguicula_RR, en Flickr

Drosera falconeri


D. falconeri white flower por Pinguicula_RR, en Flickr

Utricularia dichotoma


U.dichotoma with springtail por Pinguicula_RR, en Flickr

another view


Utricularia dichotoma por Pinguicula_RR, en Flickr

Nepenthes x mixta flowers


Male Nepenthes flower por Pinguicula_RR, en Flickr

Crab spider in Nepenthes bicalcarata


Crab Spider por Pinguicula_RR, en Flickr

Utricularia blanchetii


Utricularia blanchetii por Pinguicula_RR, en Flickr

Heliamphora minor


Heliamphora minor flower por Pinguicula_RR, en Flickr

Drosera regia from seed


Drosera regia (9 months from seed) por Pinguicula_RR, en Flickr

Genlisea x lobata x violacea


Genlisea x lobata x violacea por Pinguicula_RR, en Flickr

Best regards

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Hi All

Thanks you so much for your nice comments, is a pleassure.

Very nice :yes: Did you use focus stacking?

No mobile this photos were taken with macro lens only, I didn't use photo stacking in this, Thanks

Near you Ruben, i'm an amateur. One day, i will take beautiful pictures as equal to those who posted topic nest. Congratulations and success in their cultivation.

Best regards,


Hi Rodrigo thank so much, and whenever you want I can teach you how to take macro photos, Obrigado Rodrigo.

Again thanks so much to all of you like the photos.

Best Regards


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