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Simon Lumb

growth at last

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Hi for lots of reasons that I wont bore you with Ive had a dreadful growing year, probably the worst since I started growing neps. However I'm finally starting to see some new growth again

aerial rajah pitcher


the plant is becoming a monster



to give you some kind of scale, see the small rajah plants at the bottom of the above photo? Well they arent' that small.




a few others that I snapped

N.Trus x izumea, I love the dark colour of this hybrid


A nice cluster of lowii x ventricosa pitchers


and finally N.hamata? (red hairy form)




Now things are establishing in the new greenhouse I hope to post more soon.


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Hi Simon,

good to hear that you're back on track and everything is growing great again in the new GH! Do I still have to say that your plants look awesome, especially that hairy hamata and aerial rajah pitcher...? ;-)



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Great photo's si.

I,m dreading it when my 6 Rajah's get to that size. :Laie_97:

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I would love to feel that dread djh i absolutely love rajah, yet i have no conditions to grow them...for now, but soon, soon...i hope :P

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