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CP's and waterfalls at the Grampians in August

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Hi guys

A couple of weeks ago my family and I took a weekend trip to the Grampians in Victoria, Australia to see a stunning waterfall at its best and some tuberous CP's in winter.

Normally late October to November has been the best time for field trips there in the past, but I've been itching to get out and about and thought that since the weather was going to be descent that I'd take the opportunity to have a look.




McKenzie waterfall, the largest waterfall in the Grampians.

Growing along the path to the top lookout I spotted a couple of species along the way.


D. aberrans


An interesting form of D. aberrans with red around the margins of the leaf blade.


D. auriculata emerging from dormancy


D. auriculata starting to grow upright.

The next spot we visited was Reeds Lookout which gave us spectacular views into the centre of the Grampians of Victoria Valley and on the other side of the lookout to Lake Wartook.


Victoria Valley


Victoria Valley


Victoria Valley


An interesting pile of stones that someone has stacked up.


Lake Wartook


A habitat where 3 tuberous species grow on a rock outcrop seep.


Hundreds of D. aberrans grow in the thin layer of moss on top of the rock outcrops.


D. aberrans


Mixed in with the brilliant red forms of D. aberrans a few yellow/green forms also pop up.


D. auriculata or possibly D. peltata in the rosette stage.

Around this area D. hookeri and U. aff. dichotoma also grow, but unfortunately it's too early for them still.



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Hi Steve,

nice pictures from the early part of the growing season. The landscape is breathtaking.

thanks for sharing!


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Interesting account of a wonderful adventure, thank you for sharing it with us.

Best regards,


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Australia is a magic place to visit , so many nice landscapes .... and carnivorous plants :nyam1:

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