Aztekium ritteri seedlings


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Here is an update on the two remaining Aztekium ritteri seedlings from this seed batch sown back in 2007.


These two are starting to push out differentiated growth from their crowns.


They have now grown to the 2-3 mm size, so they should be much hardier and hopefully will grow out to adulthood,


but at a growth rate of 1 mm in diameter per annum, that will take a while.





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In six years the plant has grown so that :shock: ? Actually your patience is admirable, but i do not know if it would be so patient. In any case i wish you success in the cultivation of this species of cacti.

Best regards,


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Thanks guys, I suppose the good thing about growing something this slow is that everything else seems relatively fast by comparison. This species is considered the slowest growing of all cactus species and should now grow about 1 mm in diameter per annum. The tricky part is keeping them alive until they get to this size, at which point they become a lot easier to keep in cultivation on their own roots.

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I think it's probably only to be considered by younger growers who will hopefully live long enough to see the plant to maturity :smile:

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