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Automatic watering bottle

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Whilst imbibing a glass of cider earlier, I suddenly remembered a post on here asking how to water our plants whilst on holiday (looked but cannot find the original thread) and came up with this simple idea. It would, obviously, work best in large trays such as those used to hold grow-bags....

All you need is a large plastic drinks bottle, a pair of scissors, and something to stand the bottle on (I put wooden blocks in the diagram, but a large upturned plantpot tray would do just as good, it's only there to raise the bottle and give a good depth of water in your main tray). As the water outside the bottle lowers it will eventually uncover the hole in the bottom of the bottle, allowing air in and the water out until the hole is covered again. Obviously, make sure the top is properly screwed down :eek:

As I'm typing this, another way would be to drill a small hole low down on the side of the bottle. Again, as the water in the tray lowers it will allow air in and the water out....



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A hole up the side instead would be easer/less hassle and would help maintain a constant water level in the lagoon.

That's what I reckoned as I was typing the first post, but as I'd already done the pictures I just added it as an additional bit at the end :wink:

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Not if you screw the top on tight, the bottled water will only come out when the water level in the tray reaches the hole and allows air in.

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