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For those who are interested in what i am doing for my dissertation, here is the link for the website I have created so people can follow the progress. I have made up the medium and sown the seeds and am now waiting for them to germinate. No infections so far so *fingers crossed* http://orchidstudypage.weebly.com/

enjoy :)

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Its a great way to keep track of your progress and shows your enthusiasm for your studies. Is the website what you actually submit for your dissertation or just something you are doing in addition to it? If its your dissertation read through carefully the page on 'a little bit of orchid science' you may find some errors and contradictions. I dont want to tell you exactly where as it may be considered as helping.

Good luck with it and let us know the results

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Mantrid, this is just something in addition, please tell me, this information won't actually be in the final copy, well not all of it anyway. Message me and let me know so I can amend them if needed.

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