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FAT venus fly traps, California Carnivores

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Here's some photos of very well grown venus fly traps at California Carnivores. There's so many different varieties, and unfortunately, I'm not up to date on my flytrap ID, but in any case, it's really neat to see all the different clones out there. Fortunately, Some of the pictures have tags that are readable. 10 years ago, there was Akai Ryu and maybe a handful of cultivars. Today, there are countless clones:

Burbank's Best


Pretty sure this is B52:









And the Grand Finale-these are ridiculously beautiful:


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Thanks everyone! Indeed, Damon Collinsworth of California Carnivores is a gifted grower.

Richard: I'll check with Damon and get back to you on your inquiries.

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Richard-the venus fly trap with the long petioles on the lower left hand side of the last picture is a seed grown plant that Damon created. The huge-trapped plant in the lower right hand side of the last picture is B-52 x Ginormous, also done by Damon. Both are exclusive to California Carnivores, but should be widely available shortly. I'm sure it will make its way across the pond in the next few years.

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