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Pics of my sarracenia collection


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S. 'Leah Wilkerson' x oreophila from Fred P




S. flava var. rubricorpora "Claret" x flava var. atropurpurea


S. 'Adrian Slack' x 'Judith Hindle' from Mike Wang







S. purpurea "Smurf"


Unknown catesbaei-like hybrid


S. 'Willisii' x alata red/black


S.x Moorei(green tube, red lid) x flava var. atropurpurea



S. leucophylla purple and white giant form x flava var. rubricorpora



S. 'Wilkersons Red Rocket'


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S alata from Graham(Wireman)

xd8p.jpgUploaded with ImageShack.com

S.x Moorei x leucophylla "red and white"

ppeh.jpgUploaded with ImageShack.com

S flava var rubricorpora "Claret" x flava var atropurpurea Blackwater

a6ml.jpgUploaded with ImageShack.com

(S. rubra gulfensis x leucophylla) x 'Leah Wilkerson' from Eric N.

zgn2.jpgUploaded with ImageShack.com

Pot of purps

56i5.jpgUploaded with ImageShack.com

pkc8.jpgUploaded with ImageShack.com

S alata "black tube" Desoto National Park x leucophylla "red and white"

tzto.jpgUploaded with ImageShack.com

S. flava var. ornata "heavy veined" x 'Eva'

x77q.jpgUploaded with ImageShack.com

S alata, Jackson county, Mississippi

r98d.jpgUploaded with ImageShack.com

'Mardi Gras' x 'Danas Delight' from Fred P

ga05.jpgUploaded with ImageShack.com

(S. 'Wilkersons Red' x alata "red/black") x 'Adrian Slack' from Fred P

bt43.jpgUploaded with ImageShack.com

S. 'Copper Vase' x 'Adrian Slack' from Fred P

uvzo.jpgUploaded with ImageShack.com

S flava var. rubricorpora "Red Tube" x flava var. cuprea

9dvk.jpgUploaded with ImageShack.com

S. flava var cuprea x flava var rubricorpora "Red Tube"

s2hz.jpgUploaded with ImageShack.com

S. 'Danas Delight' x oreophila from Fred P

37cv.jpgUploaded with ImageShack.com

These are all 8-9 months old.

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Some late season pictures.

Scarlet Belle

k2at.jpgUploaded with ImageShack.com

Late purpurea flower

55mt.jpgUploaded with ImageShack.com

S. rubra from Bug Biting Plants VFT/sarracenia kit bought at Lowes

t52l.jpgUploaded with ImageShack.com

5kr9.jpgUploaded with ImageShack.com

S. 'Adrian Slack' x 'Judith Hindle' from Mike Wang

8jbj.jpgUploaded with ImageShack.com

Unknown hybrid

en6p.jpgUploaded with ImageShack.com

S. leucophylla

1z1y.jpgUploaded with ImageShack.com

S. 'Leah Wilkerson'

7b50.jpgUploaded with ImageShack.com

S. 'Wilkersons Red Rocket'

0tlg.jpgUploaded with ImageShack.com

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Seed grown plants

S. leucophylla "purple and white giant form" route 71 Altha FL x flava var. rubricorpora from Oliv

f0pl.jpgUploaded with ImageShack.com

adcr.jpgUploaded with ImageShack.com

S.xMoorei x flava var. atropurpurea from Cedric

kb1a.jpgUploaded with ImageShack.com

u6rs.jpgUploaded with ImageShack.com

S. alata "red/black" x 'Kilimanjaro'

jqa1.jpgUploaded with ImageShack.com

S.xMoorei(leucophylla x flava var. ornata) from Fred P

y4to.jpgUploaded with ImageShack.com

kg4o.jpgUploaded with ImageShack.com

S. flava var. flava "tall" x 'Evendine' from Oliv...just gorgeous

9jpi.jpgUploaded with ImageShack.com

S. 'Leah Wilkerson' x xMoorei "Red" from Vic H

0xe6.jpgUploaded with ImageShack.com

qnnn.jpgUploaded with ImageShack.com

a3i5.jpgUploaded with ImageShack.com

S. 'Evendine' x flava var. flava "tall" from Oliv

gt6c.jpgUploaded with ImageShack.com

Another Moorei x flava var. atropurpurea

xcdx.jpgUploaded with ImageShack.com

Seed grown flavas

vfhg.jpgUploaded with ImageShack.com

gt25.jpgUploaded with ImageShack.com

nqmn.jpgUploaded with ImageShack.com

45m8.jpgUploaded with ImageShack.com

2q3d.jpgUploaded with ImageShack.com

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Wouoooohhhhhh Eric Evendne x Flava "Tall" the lip form is incredible. This is stable on all pitchers ???

My seedling for this crossing are still very very small.

When i see my 2 mother plants and this children, i think that your plant will come very vigorous and big.

Is it your daughter ? Pretty girl.



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Hi oliv. Yes, the lip is like that on every pitcher :sun_bespectacled: . I really like it. I cheated and grew mine under 24 hour lighting part of the time so that might explain the size gap between your seedlings and mine. If you go a page back you can see the leuco purple nd white giant form x flava rubricorpora. Thats an amazing xMoorei.

Its already 2 ft(.61 meters) tall so i think its going to be huge.

Yes, thats my daughter and thanks!

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