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Spider webs


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In a local field I noticed these huge webs at ground level. They were around 2ft in diameter and the entrance to the spider burrow was arond an inch wide.

I tried to use a stick to see what spider was hiding down below but it would not come out- there were about 20 of these webs.

Anyone shed any light on what spider is making these huge webs?



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Oo yes, I kept and bred one of these. Actually it was a female already loaded with eggs so it was easy. They make copious amounts of web even in a large jar and they are vicious hunters. It's quite upsetting to watch it eat really even though it takes the prey back into the hole. I put them all back after the babies hatched (dozens of them!) and the mother was already dead at that stage.

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I managed to tempt one out-(well half out) by disturbing the web with a stick. It wasn't as big as some house spiders I have seen. I think it knew there was no fly as it didn't come all the way out.

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