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Germinating vft seeds

Adam Davis

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So I have ordered a mix of vft seeds and I have coir to sow them onto. My main problem though is I am going on holiday on the 28th so should I start them when I come back from holiday or is there a way to keep them wet. Also how do you germinate them as this is my first time.

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Be sure to desalinate the coir thoroughly first--


Coir is not ideal for germinating and growing Venus Flytrap seedlings, because of its physical properties--


(see note under "what type of soil in that article?")

A general germination guide (each grower has his own technique or variations) is at the webpage above.

Good luck. :smile:

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So I am going to use the water germination method for these seeds so they can get a root on before they go into the coir. But I want to use distilled water so where do you get it from as Tesco don't sell it. Would spring or mineral water do?

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