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With the recent decline of bees I bought a bee house last year which has proved to be a huge sucess but for a quite a while a lot of the holes have been plugged with what looks like mud.

Any clues what is behind them (eggs, adult bees?) I am wondering what ever may be behind them has died in which case I could re open them for more bees.


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Your bee home is in use by solitary bees it was designed for. They fill the holes with packets of pollen and eggs wrapped in leaves. When the hole is full they often plug the end with some mud. They should hatch next summer, or this summer if they were done last year.

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Bees and other beneficial insects are, of course, caught by CPs particularly sarracenia. When caught however, they make a loud buzzing noise and you can free them by bending down the pitcher to allow them to walk out. They will probably get caught again by the next pitcher along but you do what you can.

I give CP talks to garden clubs and people are often horrified that CPs will catch bees. I tell them that some years ago I was listening to a radio interview with the spider census officer (!) for Derbyshire. He said that on average there are 2 million spiders to the acre in the British Isles (if I do my sums correctly this amounts to 1.25 trillion spiders). He also said that the total weight of insects eaten by spiders each year exceeds the total weight of the human population. Huge numbers are also eaten by other insects, mammals, amphibians, birds, fish etc. This suggests that the number caught by CPs is relatively inconsequential.



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I'm going to have get me a Bee house, great idea. I try and rescue bee's when I find them with a piece of string that they seem to climb up and fly free, then they can be caught with a glass and post card and released.


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