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Another orchid id


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This was growing around the edge of a dry hay field, there was quite a few allong the hedge but this one looked a little different, could it be an incarnata? (we have lots of northern marsh orchids and common spotted but i really suck at telling them apart).


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Mark - when was this taken? late June/early July ? EDIT - just noticed this was posted a month ago, don't know how we missed it?

What ever it is, it is a 'mutant'. That middle lobe of the lip, is far to long for any species.

Were the leaves spotted or not spotted?

The shape of the spike is more like a Northern Marsh, than a Common Spotted. As are the 2 upper petals and sepals and lip markings.

But the fact that it has distinct side lobes and a middle lobe, is more like Common Spotted.

It could be a muttant hybrid between the two, or a mutant Northern Marsh - a bit hard to really tell from just a photo.

It doesn't look like an D. incarnata and to have just the one and a mutant at that, is most unlikely.

But a nice find what ever! :thumbsup:

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