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Started dying :(

Jack Wallington

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I bought a Venus flytrap from little shop of horrors about 5 weeks ago. It was all going so well until this last week as:

Traps started dying (mostly ok so far)

New traps haven't opened fully, they grow, open a fraction then stop

More leaves seem to be dying and lots are turning yellow (I suspect leading to rapid black and dying)

I've noticed a few tiny, tiny black insects on it, like little black dots less than a millimetre in size. Plus the window isn't hugely bright although it does get lots of light hours. Water is definitely rain water from a butt.

Do you ink it's the bugs or the light, or both?


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a picture would help alot and eliminate guess work. close up of damaged areas and pests and also soil would be good.

growing in the window with 'lots of light hours' should be fine and wouldnt itself kill your plant, just make it greener.

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Hello Jacksorry to hear about your plants problems.Your plant has a few compost flies ,these wont kill your plant . put a Drosera Capensis near to catch the adults .Remember that vft's will have older leaves dieing back throuhout the year . Send me some pics and i will try a diagnosisRegards Alistair (littleshopofhorrors)Best to let saucer go dry occasionally then top up to 1 cm This lets some 02 into the compost

Also the soil your plant is in will be fine for the net 2 years

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