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As mentioned on a previous thread, I contacted Fertile Fibre last week to get some clarity on the new products they have available - namely 'washed' coir bales/bricks. I also asked for re-confirmation on the status of their 'organic' coir bales/bricks and about their position on supplying Ireland. I sent this in the name of the CPS to hopefully help engineer a response and to save them being asked 101 times by growers.

Still waiting for a response, and if I receive anything I'll post ASAP. Please note I'll be off to Nancy - hooray - this Thursday for a few days of cp heaven and great company. So when quiet on the subject over the period of the EEE you know why.

In the meantime what are peoples experience with Fertile Fibre and the products.



Tim Bailey

Chairman and Publications Editor

The Carnivorous Plant Society


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